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Let’s talk about the impact a cognitive-communication impairment can have on a person:
-Reduced awareness and ability to initiate and effectively communicate needs
-Reduced awareness of impairment and its degree (i.e., loss of ability to assess one’s own communication effectiveness)
-Reduced memory, judgment, and ability to initiate and effectively exchange routine information
-Difficulty performing personal lifestyle management activities effectively (i.e., pay bills)
-Reduced ability to anticipate potential consequences, with reasonable judgment and problem solving
-Reduced social communication skills and/or ability to manage emotions, often causing loss of relationships
-Disruption of ability to fulfill educational or vocational roles, including potential loss of employment
-At risk for injury due to inability to communicate in an emergency and/or anticipate the consequences of own actions
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Cognitive-Communication Referral Guidelines for Adults

Challenges Affecting School-Based SLPs’ Work With Children Age 5 and Younger: More than a third of preschool SLPs surveyed cited changing eligibility criteria that exclude children who need services.