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Even after mild suspected covid-19, a majority of people experience a prolonged recovery, particularly when trying to return to exercise.

What is clear is that severe COVID-19 is known to be a multi-system disorder, potentially compromising several body systems, including the heart and vascular system. Most individuals returning to exercise have a complaint of persisting shortness of breath, which may have a primary respiratory cause, such as pulmonary fibrosis or embolism, rather than a cardiac injury.

For athletes who experienced a mild form COVID-19 illness, it is recommended to refrain from exercise until symptom-free for 7 days and resuming training in a graduated way. The reason for this is a even when fully recovered there may be underlying low grade cardiac issues that could be provoke a health risk if an immediate return to vigorous exercise occurs.

Individuals who had any kind of serious forms of COVID-19 should consult with a cardiologist before any kind of exercise, especially those who experienced any forms of myocarditis. Even then a 3-6 month waiting period may be necessary.

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