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Worried about your child reaching key milestones in motor skills, cognition, or communication? Our specialty-trained therapists can help.

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Newman Therapy Services works with children of all ages, from infant to age 18. Our staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. These specialties work individually or together to help your child improve motor function, coordination, and language. Research has shown that the sooner the developmental services are started, the better the outcome.

Using physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, we provide treatment for these conditions:

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Common Developmental Milestones for Young Children

Below is a general list of a few things your child may do at different ages. If you’re concerned about your child’s development, don’t wait. Acting early on developmental concerns can make a real difference for your child and you.

Gross Motor Skills

Age 0-3 months
Raises head slightly off floor/bed
Thrusts arms in play Age 3-6 months
Rolls from stomach to back
Lifts head/chest when on stomach Age 6-9 months
Sits unsupported briefly
Stands with support Age 9-12 months
Pulls to stand
May begin walking independently Age 12-18 months
Crawls up onto furniture
Uses riding toys Age 18-24 mo
Walks unaided
Pulls toys while walking Age 2
Runs and jumps
Climb stairs with assistance Age 3
Rides a tricycle
Walks up stairs with alternating gait Age 4
Walks down stairs easily
Catches a ball

Fine Motor & Vision Skills

Age 0-3 months
Closes hand on your finger
Looks at your face Age 3-6 months
Recognizes parent
Plays peek-a-boo Age 6-9 months
Uses pinch to pick up small objects
Opens mouth for a spoon Age 9-12 months
Shakes toys
Imitates adult behavior Age 12-18 months
Removes socks/helps with dressing
Stacks 2-4 blocks Age 18-24 mo
Matches simple shapes in a puzzle
Drinks from a cup Age 2
Stacks 8+ blocks
Feeds self with little spilling Age 3
Copies simple shapes with crayon
Turns doorknobs Age 4
Draws a person with 2-4 body parts
Dresses independently

Speech & Cognition

Age 0-3 months
Startles in response to sound
Sucks well using lips, cheeks, tongue Age 3-6 months
Says single syllables (“da”, “ba”)
Smiles at sight of faces Age 6-9 months
Responds to facial expressions
Understands “no” Age 9-12 months
Responds to own name
Vocalizes during play Age 12-18 months
Follows simple commands
Uses 3-20 words Age 18-24 mo
Responds to “look at”
Uses 50+ words, some verbs Age 2
Names familiar people/body parts
Uses sentences of 2-4 words Age 3
Converses using 2-3 sentences
Knows and says name/age/sex Age 4
Tells stories
Names some colors/letters/numbers

We’re here to help your child achieve their personal best.

If your child has been diagnosed with a physical, cognitive or speech disorder, or if you’re concerned about your child’s development, contact us to learn how therapy can help. Give us a call at 620-342-4100 and schedule your appointment today!

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