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Check out another amazing story covered by Brittany Moore with KSNT News about how speech therapy has helped a local man regain his ability to swallow again! Can you imagine 20 years of battling the ability to swallow? Joe and Veronica DeSelms, one of our speech therapists, have been working together since April using VitalStim, Myofacial Release, and a home exercise program to get him to where he is today. A truly amazing story about getting a better quality of life through speech therapy.
Veronica was trained in Myofacial Release this past June when Walt Fritz PT came to Emporia. See the comments for a picture of how Joe was able to be part of the workshop!
Walt explains, “Myofascial release is a simple form of manual therapy that targets the patient’s perceptions of tightness that may be contributing to their dysfunction. In its original form, conceived over 100 years ago, myofascial release was originally thought to selectively impact only the connective tissue, however modern views see its effects as more general. Impact to and through the central nervous system is the most plausible explanation, with a slow, steady stretch to the effected area applied that is detected by the sensory system, with change introduced through a concept called descending modulation. Whether changes are created directly through the stretch or by higher centers, the goal is to improve function.”
Please contact our speech therapy department if you think Myofacial Release is a treatment option for you! 343-6800 ext. 2246

Speech therapy treatment helps Emporia man swallow again

Joe Zumbrum from Emporia was diagnosed 20 years ago with tonsil cancer. It’s still affecting his speech and ability to swallow today. The use of Myofacial Release treatment is giving him major improvements.