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“Before therapy I was experiencing pain doing simple everyday activities such as combing my hair. Since completing my therapy at Newman Physical Therapy, I am able to go about my daily routines comfortably. I would certainly recommend your office. I received excellent care in a professional, friendly environment.”
– Sylvia C.
“When I started therapy I could not lift my arm due to a disc herniation. I had shoulder pain that was very uncomfortable. Thanks to my therapist at Newman Physical Therapy, I now have no pain and am able to do most things I did before. The therapists are most knowledgeable and prepared to help patients reach their best.”
– Joan C.
“I recently completed eight sessions with Dr. Crotts at Newman PT for a rotator cuff injury. Dr. Crotts treated me with respect and listened carefully to me and other patients in the office. I was impressed with the combination of professionalism and caring, personable focus on his patients. Based on my excellent outcome and very positive overall experience, I highly recommend Dr. Crotts as a physical therapist.”
– Antonia F.
“Before starting therapy I was miserable. I was in constant pain and had no desire to do much of anything. The whole experience was very beneficial. I have learned to change my daily work habits and am feeling so much better. Thank you for making me feel a lot younger!”
– Bernie