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Testimony Tuesday from 3 people in our community who have received swallowing therapy for dysphagia.

What is dysphagia? A medical term for difficulty swallowing.

There are 3 phases of dysphagia:
-Oral phase: Food is placed in the mouth and is chewed, formed, and pushed to the back of the tongue.
-Pharyngeal phase: special nerves activate the involuntary swallow reflex where the vocal folds close and food is pushed through the pharynx.
-Esophageal phase: food travels from the pharynx to the stomach through the esophagus.

VitalStim® was used with all patients featured in this video. The VitalStim® Therapy System is an adjunctive modality to traditional exercise that unites the power of electrical stimulation with the benefits of swallowing exercises. Combining VitalStim and traditional therapy allows clinicians to help accelerate strengthening, restore function, and help the brain remap the swallow. Research supports the combination of these therapies to improve treatment outcomes.

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