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Therapist Thursday Spotlight!
Meet Kelli Bogart! Kelli is an Occupational Therapy Assistant that works at multiple locations throughout our clinic.
Kelli grew up in Ottawa, KS and says her favorite childhood memory was getting together with her mom’s very large family (her mom was 1 of 10 children) to play games, hang out and tell stories from when her mom and her mom’s siblings were younger. She says it was “Definitely funny stuff.”
Kelli says she did not play sports growing up but was in show choir and musicals during high school. She does state that she likes watching KU basketball and watching some Royals games every season. For fun Kelli enjoys spending the day in KC and exploring new restaurants or shops and also likes just being with friends and playing cards. Kelli says her favorite holiday is Christmas ever since she had her daughter, who is 7 years old. She adds that all of the holiday happenings are more fun and magical with her.
Kelli likes chinese food, pizza and pasta most but says her favorite places to eat in Emporia are Shangri-La and Do-B’s.
When asked what inspired her to choose occupational therapy she says that with OT you can see results so quickly which is exciting and motivating. Plus, you can work in many different settings with patients of every age. She says the most rewarding part of her job is knowing you are making a real difference in people’s lives.
She says she had her first patient come back last week to visit and show his progress since discharge. She adds that he is doing so well and it’s great to know that she was a part of that success. Kelli says her long term goal is to grow her knowledge of neuromuscular reeducation for adults and sensory processing interventions for kids.